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nice yo meet you I am Itsuki Empty nice yo meet you I am Itsuki

Post by Itsuki Nogi on Sun May 30, 2010 11:05 pm

People don't necesarily know much about my Bio but I wrote most of it anyway because... it's a force of habit XD

I'm sorry I have a bad habit of being detailed. and when I'm trying to be semi-vague the line between Detailed and Vague just kinda dies XD

Name: Itsuki Nogi
sex: female
age: 10
Division: elementary
Alice: Soul Controlling Alice and Soul Stealing Alice
Class: Dangerous Abilities Type Class
Star rank: Triple (3) Star
Alice shape: Soul Stealing Alice is Intermittent but my Soul Stealing Alice is Limitless (this is a secret, no one should know)
Bio: I am Luca's Twin sister. He an I used to look exactly alike (minus one of us is a girl and the other is a boy) but when my Alice started to manifest itself my hair started to turn black and so did my eyes. I'm not really sure by, Persona says because I lost my own soul when my Soul Stealing Alice fully manifested itself.... though I'm not really sure if that's true or not. When I entered the Academy with my brother only my soul control Alice had manifested itself and my hair was still a mix of blonde and black. They put me in the Special Abilities Type class because it was weak and they didn't expect it to grow much. But When my Soul Stealing Alice Manifested itself a month later and I accidentally took the soul of one of my friends they stuck me in the Dangerous Abilities type class. Usually I only go on Missions with Natsume because of a deal he made with Persona but sometimes he puts me on missions anyway. I don't want to bother him so I don't tell him.

I take peoples souls the same way a Basilisk kills people and I can't control it so I wear a blind fold like Alice Controller. They say its too risky to try and make one I can actually see out of, but I can take pictures with it and look at them when I'm all alone, so I'm not completely blind to what is around me. After a few weeks after the Incident with the boy whose soul I took people started to get over the fact of what I did and since I was always with Natsume and Luca became almost as popular with everyone as the two of them were. Though as far as my female admirer's go I think they only wanted to be close to me for the sake of getting near Natsume and Luca. but I'm not as much as a rebel as Natsume and I'm not as close to him as Luca so I tend to keep to myself.

I'm a little clingy and like to be around Nii-chan (luca) I'm also clingly to Megane-Nii from when I was in the Special abilities Class since when I entered I was really nervous being away from Nii-chan so Tsubasa-Senpai decided to assign him to be my other big brother. Now I'm a lot better at holding my own but when I'm around them I stick close. (hope if we get a Megane he doesn't mind this)

often keeps to herself, Luca and Megane. Extremely polite to people when they are simply acquaintances, Even though she's considered Just as popular as Luca and Natsume when he and Luca's birthday rolls around no one remembers it's her birthday too not just Luca's but she doesn't say anything and is just happy for her brother. Even though she skips class whenever Natsume and Luca do she still does all her work. (she doesn't do much in class anyway since she can't see) Actually a really playful person when you get to know her

want more detailed info on her?
Itsuki Nogi
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