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Post by Itsuki Nogi on Sun May 30, 2010 9:02 pm

Put this Answer Sheet in the Introduction section of the Forum, Before or after the sheet you can write a little intro if you want or just the sheet

Name: (full name, if you can't think of a last name for your character or you're character goes by a nickname just a first name or the nickname will do)
sex: (Male/female)
age: (youngest age 3 oldest age 19 [have to be a senior])
Division: (elementary, middle, high school) (ages 11-12 can be in elementary or middle and 14-15 middle or high school)
Alice: (your Alice, Can have up to 2 but if too many people do this that luxury will be taken away) (even if you only put 1 you can awaken one later)
Class: (Latent (common powers such as flying or ESP) Technical (related to when you do a certain activity such as invent, cook, draw ETC) Somatic (manifests itself Physically such as super speed and pheromone alices) Dangerous (Alices that can cause harm to others such as fire or ice) Special (none of the above)) (if you want to be in the Dangerous or Special Type class we must approve it)
Star rank: (no star, 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, make sure these correspond with your Alice and attitude, a slacker with a bad alice will not be a 3 star if an Admin finds the star rank you gave yourself unsuitable we will change it) (remember this also effects your allowance so you can't be a rich no star)
Alice shape: (Childhood: when you grow up you lose your alice, Diffuse: you will always have it but with a low power level, intermittent: you can only use it for short time periods but with strong power, Limitless: endless power but shortens your life every time you use it) (if you are unsure or want to keep it a secret just write Unknown)
Bio: (can be as long or short as you like if you want to keep your bio a secret just write nothing)
personality: (how does your character act, is he/she a good student or a bad student)
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