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The Rules!!! Empty The Rules!!!

Post by Itsuki Nogi on Sun May 30, 2010 8:40 pm

1) This site is a way of making friends so please be nice to people. ( If your character is a complete jerk it is obviously ok for him/her to be a complete jerk but no you)

2) swearing is ok but please don't make a character who swears every 5 seconds especially if they're still in the elementary division

3) there is no limit to how many character you can have or control but you have to be able to maintain all of them. if you can't you can give one up and if it's an OC they will just lose they're power and leave Gakuen alice or if they are a Canon Character they will be put up for grabs

4) There will be a character list stating all the characters from Gakuen Alice who are playable. If you want to be a character make sure they're not already taken first. If they are I'm sorry you're out of luck

5) If someone is trolling or spamming you or overall being a complete nuisance feel free to report them immediately if they do not stop after you ask them to.

6) Romance between characters is fine. but if it's between two canon characters please try to make it a reasonable pairing. (nothing like NarumiXMikan)

7) Sex scenes are fine as long as you put a <strong>NC-17</strong> sign up at the beginning of it

8 ) If you are in the Elementary Division Please please please do not have sex scenes... that's just wrong. Same with Middle school but that's more acceptable then Elementary students. (if you really feel the need then just do it over PMs then and don't bring it up in the rp afterwards)

9) If an Admin say to stop talking about something in the OOC Forum for what ever reason Stop it

10) This RP isn't following the plot of the show for that would be too confusing to do. So the Setting is just Gakuen Alice where the Dangerous Abilities class is still doing black ops and the school hates Mikan but we probably won't get into the plot.

11) Hetero, Yaoi and Yuri pairings are all fine

12) If you are aiming to be in the Special Abilities class or Dangerous abilities class please avoid repeated an alice someone else already has. There will be a list of what students have which alices

13) Feel free to make any kind of Alice. There is no end to the possibilities of what your Alice could be. (most will be approved but I can't garentee all of them will)

14) If you can't think of one Contact an Admin and we will help you

15) After you sign up please fill out the Character form which can be found in the other Forum in this category

16) If you would like your character to be in the Dangerous Abilities Class or the Special Abilities class write that next to what class you would be in but That will have to be approved by an Admin if it is ok or not.

17) You can have up to 2 Alices since there are people with Multiple Alices but if Everyone signing up has 2 Alices (same goes for if everyone signing up is in the dangerous or special ability type classes) I will remove this rule

18) ElementaryXMiddle Schooler and MiddleXHigh schooler are both ok but no Elementary X High school please... Unless your character is a Pedo... but I don't expect any of those >.> unless one happen

19) Have an Avatar. If you are a character from the show and can not find a picture to use Tell an Admin and we will find one for you. If you are an OC make one or find one (if you find one it cannot be of an anime character or someone else just of one of those generic pictures people often use for their characters. If we find out you are using someone elses oc you will be banned if you are using an anime character you will ahve to just find a new picture

20) For a while there will be no classes once we get enough teachers and establish the times the work with the most people then we will start classes

21) You can make your character related to Canon Characters (brother, sister, cousin ETC) Just try to be a sibling who makes sense to be a sibling (or find a way to make it make sense) but No one is allowed to be related to Mikan, Hotaru or Natsume

22) Only one person can be a sibling or other family member to a Canon character so if you want to be Yuu's sister and he already has one I'm sorry to bad for you.

23) you have to [enter] and [leave] place you can't just randomly appear in a place if you never left the last place you were at

24) RP with your actions in [ ] and dialogue... just being dialog and OOC in { } or ( )


[Itsuki enters]

Hey what whats up?

[hugs Luca]

There may or maynot be more rules to come
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